Toy Shop at Night
Not the best disguise...
Batman the Warrior
Batman's Money Suit
Batman the Wizard
The Tribe (Brickfilm)
Sunrise (Read descrpition)
"Heroes never die!"
Endangered [Brickfilm]
The Forest
Wish List (Brickfilm)
Portal 2 - Chell
In the Lair of the Dragon
Avengers Assemble!
Trailer for the "Steinerei 2015" [Brickfilm]
Easter Eggs-periments  [Brickfilm]
Bricks & Co  [Brickfilm]
Angry Kitty
The Duell
Bard the Dragon Slayer
1000 Subscribers on YouTube!
Christmas Dinner (Brickfilm)
Dwarves - Family Picture [Read description]
The Hobbit 3 Trailer - IN LEGO!
Brick or Treat (Brickfilm)
New brickfilm!  :D
Time for $ale - Wallpaper 5
Merry Giftmas [Brickfilm]

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